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Beta Version

January 24, 2023

A beta version of a mobile app is a pre-release version made available to a select group of users for testing purposes. Beta versions are typically released to a small group of users, such as testers, developers, or early adopters, before the app’s final version is released to the general public.

Beta versions are typically less stable and may have more bugs and other issues than the app’s final version. However, they help get early user feedback, test new features and functionality, and identify and fix any issues before the app is released to the general public.

Beta versions can be distributed through various channels, such as the app store or a specialized beta testing platform. Beta testers can then download and install the app’s beta version on their devices, provide feedback, report bugs, and test its functionality.

It’s important to note that beta versions are not intended for general use and may have bugs or other issues that can cause the app to crash or lose data.

Also, See: APK (Android Package Kit)

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