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Google Hummingbird

February 26, 2023

Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm update released by Google in 2013. The update was designed to improve how Google understands and processes user queries, to provide more relevant and accurate results.

One of the main changes that Hummingbird introduced was a shift towards more natural language processing. Before Hummingbird, Google’s algorithm primarily focused on matching keywords in a query to keywords on a webpage. However, Hummingbird was designed to understand the meaning behind a query and to match it to the most relevant content, regardless of whether the keywords on a webpage matched the keywords in the query exactly.

In addition to natural language processing, Hummingbird also introduced an increased focus on “conversational search” and using long-tail keywords. As a result, Google Hummingbird means that Google’s algorithm was better able to understand the intent behind a query, even when the query was phrased as a question or in a conversational tone.

Hummingbird also emphasized the context of a search query and the relationship between the different words in a query rather than just individual keywords.

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