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February 26, 2023

Hreflang is an HTML tag that indicates the language and regional targeting for a webpage to search engines. The hreflang tag is used to specify the language and regional targeting for a webpage so that search engines can serve the correct version of a webpage to users in different languages or regions.

The hreflang tag is typically implemented in the head section of a webpage and is added to the HTML link element.

Hreflang format:

Where language_code is the code for the language of the webpage, and URL is the URL of the webpage. For example, to indicate that a webpage is in French and targeted to users in Canada.

Hreflang tag would be:

The hreflang tag can also indicate that a webpage is the same as another but in a different language or region. For example, if a webpage is available in both English and French, the hreflang tag can indicate that the French version is the same as the English version but in a different language.

Hreflang tag should be used on all language and regional versions of a webpage, including the default version of the webpage, and should be consistent across all versions.

Also, See: Doctype

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