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Internal links

February 21, 2023

Internal links are links on a website that point to other pages within the same website. They are used to help users and search engines navigate a website and understand the website’s structure and hierarchy.

Internal links can be beneficial for SEO in several ways:

  • They allow search engines to discover and crawl new pages on a website.
  • They help search engines understand the relationships between pages and a website’s content hierarchy.
  • They can distribute link equity (the value passed through links) throughout a website, helping to boost the visibility and ranking of important pages.

It is essential to use internal links effectively and descriptive and relevant anchor text (the visible text in the link) for internal links, as this can help search engines understand the context and relevance of the linked pages. Additionally, it is a good practice to avoid having too many links on a page and to use a hierarchy structure to link the important pages.

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