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Keyword Cannibalization

February 21, 2023

Keyword cannibalization is a situation that occurs when multiple pages on a website are optimized for the same keyword or phrase. Keyword cannibalization can happen when a website has multiple pages covering similar topics, or a website owner is trying to optimize multiple pages for the same keyword to rank higher in search results.

The problem with keyword cannibalization is that it can make it difficult for search engines to understand which page on a website is most relevant for a particular keyword. Keyword cannibalization can result in search engines splitting the link equity and search traffic between multiple pages, making ranking any page more difficult. It may also confuse users and search engines, as they may not know which page is the most relevant to the user’s query.

To avoid keyword cannibalization, it’s important to audit your website regularly to identify any pages competing for the same keywords and then optimize them differently or merge them into one comprehensive page.

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