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Referral Traffic

February 21, 2023

Referral traffic in SEO refers to visitors from other websites that come to a website. These other websites may link to the target website in various ways, such as through a backlink, social media share, or embedding a link in an iframe.

Referral traffic can be a valuable source of visitors for a website, as it typically indicates that other websites and online communities view the target website as valuable and credible. Referral traffic can help improve the target website’s search engine rankings and drive significant traffic to the target website.

How to generate referral traffic?

Guest blogging: Writing articles for other websites with links to the target website.

Link building: Reaching out to other websites and asking them to link to the target website.

Content marketing: Creating valuable and shareable content that can attract backlinks and social shares.

Measuring referral traffic can be done using web analytics software like Google Analytics, which allows you to view the number of visitors from referral sources. You can also see which websites are sending you the most referral traffic, which can help to identify which websites are the most valuable for link-building and guest blogging efforts.

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