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Shared Hosting

February 17, 2023

Shared hosting is a web hosting service where a single web server is shared among multiple customers. Each customer is allocated a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to host their website, and they share the server’s resources (such as CPU, memory, and network) with other customers.

Shared hosting is the most affordable and popular type of web hosting, making it suitable for small to medium-sized websites, personal blogs, and small online businesses. It is also ideal for those new to web development or those who want to keep the costs low.

In a shared hosting environment, customers are typically provided with a control panel (such as cPanel or Plesk) to manage their accounts and perform tasks such as creating email accounts, managing databases, and installing software.

However, shared hosting also has some limitations. Because the server’s resources are shared among multiple customers, the performance of a website hosted on a shared hosting environment can be affected by the usage of other customers on the same server. Additionally, shared hosting plans typically have more restrictive usage policies and software and resource usage limitations.

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