Take Advantage Of WordPress Website Development – Read These Guide To Know More

WordPress Website Development

WordPress powers 43.3% of all websites.

Yes, it’s true.

Web development is vital for any business now. As per the internet era, it’s necessary to add your business to the digital platform. And the high-functioning website is a way to cater to digital requirements. Most start-ups and big enterprises have their own websites that describe their services, their information, etc.

Coming on, WordPress website development, – is the most famous framework to make a website.  Easy to use, multiple plugins, SEO friendly – these kinds of features make WordPress the most favourable option for website developers.

What is WordPress Development?

WordPress is an open-source framework, that has a content management system and it is made with PHP programming language & MySQL database management system. Even if WordPress web developers don’t have much knowledge about coding, they can easily build a website, manage blogs and make it useful. It is well-known among DIY and professional developers.

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Why WordPress Web Development Is Beneficial?

Initially, purchasing a domain can cost more, but in the long run, WordPress can save lots of effort and time. There are several reasons why WordPress web development is beneficial for all:

  • It is a free- Open source platform.
  • It has inbuilt templates to use.
  • You can customize it as per your desired output.
  • It is the most popular CMS ( mostly used for blogging websites).
  • It has more than 55000 plugins to use for the website.
  • It’s very easy to use and make as well.
  • It is scalable to make the website.
  • It gives full control to you.
  • WordPress is very easy to optimize the website.

Phases Of WordPress Website Development Lifecycle

Initiation Of Project

People prefer to build the website as per their strategy, but a good WordPress website development company prefers these stages to make the website in WordPress. Let’s check in detail.

Clients mostly have some needs regarding WordPress Website development, and it can start when both the client and the WordPress Website Development agency sign a contract.

In this phase of the lifecycle, the agency’s representatives will meet with the client multiple times to gain a thorough understanding of their WordPress site’s necessities and goals. It should have these things,

  • Their requirements
  • Objectives
  • Website data details
  • Time and budget
  • Clients purpose
  • Etc.

This is necessary to keep everyone involved in the project informed. Tasks and milestones can be easily tracked thanks to the overall design, which includes beautiful and straightforward progress charts and completing the project on time.


User mostly attracts to the captivating designs of any website. So, at this phase designing can be done in WordPress. Depending on the client’s requirement UI/UX can be handled by the WordPress designers. Consider a series of steps that enable the digital designer to describe all aspects of the project or website. These steps are used to envision and define solutions for clients.

 When creating the style guide for your brand-new WordPress website, the design phase of the project life cycle will take accessibility, scalability, and experience & performance into account. Through user flows, user personas, and wireframing, designers collaborate with clients to plan the information architecture and user experience of their products from the ground up.

As you know that each client is unique. The designer will help define the design phase for each project based on the client’s requirements and information gathered during strategy and planning.

Data Migration

A WordPress website development needs data migrated if you want to move from another content management system or install WordPress from scratch. Typically, the first step in the data migration process is to grant your database or database files. A WordPress website development company creates a data mapping document, writes a data migration script, and initiates the import for access.

After that developers check the data mapping document for quality assurance to make sure that all of the content was imported correctly.

Website Development

After doing these initial steps, the WordPress Website developers begin programming to make the website once we have the final, approved designs and project plan. Using WordPress coding standards, and inbuilt codes, they build your brand-new WordPress website. They mostly focus on building all content modules, global elements, and/or page templates. Using custom code and plugins, developers will create custom features and functionality to meet the needs of your project.

Quality Assurance

This is a very necessary step to check the whole project of web development. After development website has to be passed through quality assurance by testing. If there is any bug then it should be gone in redevelopment. The team conducts cross-browser and device testing to ensure responsiveness and accessibility after finishing all development tasks. Before the website goes live, the development team also runs a query monitor and report to make sure it works well.

Website Launch

Mostly this stage of the life cycle is considered the final stage. Moving the site from the development environment to the staging and production environment typically involves the following steps:

  • Staging and deployment, are set up on the host by the lead engineer.
  • Before the final data migration, it’s a content freeze.
  • You will be prepared to switch the domain DNS and Cpanel, once the site has been transferred to the quality assurance test, has been completed.
  • Your brand-new WordPress website is now available to users.


Every WordPress website development services provider has to provide support to a client who wants to make a website.  In this phase, they make the most of this time to fix any minor issues or bugs that surfaced during the launch and ensure that your company is pleased with your new website. They should provide ongoing support and maintenance options.

Wrapping Up,

In general, consider the WordPress website development company has established the standard procedure to make the best website. Only the team that considers the proper lifecycle create a high-quality WordPress website that meets your needs and goals.

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What is the lifecycle of WordPress?

Starting the project in WordPress to finish is called a lifecycle of WordPress website development.

What is WordPress website development?

Website development in open source – free platform WordPress is WordPress website development. It has multiple templates, plugins, and benefits.

How do I create a 7-step website in WordPress?

First of all, start with the project initiation then design, data migration, development, QA, launch & support, you can create a website in 7 steps in WordPress.

Is WordPress high in demand?

Yes, WordPress is high in demand. Because it open source platform, a free and more convenient way to make the website.