MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

MVP (minimum viable product) is used in the product management and software development process. It refers to the first version of a product released to test whether there is a market for it.

What Is MVP?

MVP is the smallest thing you can build to test your idea and get feedback from customers. This can be a prototype, a mockup, or even just an image on Twitter. The important thing about MVP is that it’s intentionally small.

MVP is a term used by software developers to describe a prototype that contains only the most basic features. The goal of an MVP is to test your fundamental assumptions about users and their needs. A good MVP considers the cost of developing, deploying, and maintaining the feature set.

MVP must be something you can build quickly, cheaply and easily (ideally by one person).

MVP must be something that gives you feedback from real users as quickly as possible.

The more it costs you to build your MVP, the less likely it will be successful because you won’t know if people like or want it until after you spend all that money building it!

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