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Command-Line Interface (CLI)

February 17, 2023

A Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a user interface that allows users to interact with a computer or device by typing commands into a text-based terminal window or command prompt. These commands are then executed by the operating system or a command-line interpreter, and the results are displayed in the terminal window.

Command-Line Interface (CLI) is an older way of interacting with a computer and is still used in many servers, network devices, and developer tools. It’s considered more powerful and efficient than a graphical user interface (GUI) because it allows users to quickly execute complex and repetitive tasks, automate processes, and access system settings and files that may not be available through a GUI.

Command-Line Interface (CLI) is also commonly used by developers and system administrators to manage servers, configure networks, and perform other tasks that require a high degree of control and precision.

CLI commands are typically entered in a specific syntax and are case-sensitive, so the user must be familiar with the command’s syntax and usage.

Also, See: Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)

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