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Commercial Investigation Queries

January 26, 2023

Commercial investigation queries refer to search queries that are made to research a business, product, or service before making a purchase or investment decision. These queries are typically made by consumers, investors, or competitors, and they can include searches for company information, reviews, ratings, pricing, and comparisons.

Examples of commercial investigation queries include:

  • “Reviews of [brand name] laptops”
  • “Best CRM software for small businesses”
  • “Price comparison for [product name]”
  • “Scam reports for [company name]”
  • “How to invest in [company name]”

These queries can provide valuable insights for businesses as they can indicate what information potential customers are looking for and what pain points they are trying to address. Businesses can use this information to optimize their websites and marketing strategies to address the concerns and interests of their potential customers.

It’s important for businesses to monitor these types of queries and to ensure that their websites and online presence provide the information and resources that potential customers are looking for. This can include providing product or service information, customer reviews and testimonials, pricing information, and detailed contact information. Additionally, businesses should also pay attention to their online reputation and address any negative reviews or complaints impacting their online presence and visibility.

Also, See: Ambiguous Intent

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