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Down Sell (DS)

February 26, 2023

Down sell is a marketing strategy that encourages customers to purchase a lower-priced alternative to the product or service they initially showed interest in. For example, in Facebook marketing, a down-sell can be accomplished through targeted advertising highlighting lower-priced alternatives to customers who have shown interest in a higher-priced product or service.

For example, suppose a customer is interested in a high-end camera. In that case, a business may target them with ads for a more affordable camera model or a similar product with lower specifications. The goal of down-selling is to make a sale still and retain the customer, even if they cannot afford the more expensive option.

Down selling on Facebook can be done through various ad formats, including image and video ads, carousel ads, and dynamic product ads. These ads can target customers who have shown interest in a higher-priced product or service or have previously shown interest in similar products.

To be effective, down-selling campaigns on Facebook should focus on providing value to the customer and highlighting the benefits of the lower-priced alternative. In addition, ad copy and imagery should be relevant, engaging, and aligned with the customer’s interests and needs. By using targeted advertising and focusing on providing value to customers, businesses can increase the success of their down-selling efforts on Facebook.

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