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HPanel Hostinger

February 17, 2023

hPanel is a web hosting control panel that allows users to manage their web hosting account and perform tasks such as creating email accounts, managing databases, and installing software. Web hosting companies typically provide it as a way for customers to manage their hosting accounts without needing extensive technical knowledge.

hPanel is a web-based interface that can be accessed through a browser, and it provides a simple and user-friendly interface for managing various aspects of a web hosting account. 

Features of hPanel:

File manager: Allows users to upload, download, and manage files on the server.

Email account management: Allows users to create and manage email accounts and set up email forwards and auto-responders.

Database management: Allows users to create and manage databases, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Software installation: Allows users to easily install software like WordPress, Joomla, and other CMSs.

Statistics: Provides detailed statistics about the usage of resources and traffic on the server.

Security: Includes tools for managing security settings, such as creating backups and setting up firewalls.

It’s important to note that hPanel is proprietary software, and specific web hosting companies only provide it. It’s not a standard or widely used control panel like cPanel or Plesk.

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