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UTM Code

February 26, 2023

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes are tags that can be added to the end of a URL to track the performance of different marketing campaigns. These tags provide information about where the traffic to a website is coming from, such as the source (e.g. Google, Bing, Facebook), the medium (e.g. organic search, paid search, social media), and the campaign (e.g. spring sale, newsletter).

UTM codes are combined with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to track the performance of different marketing campaigns. By adding UTM codes to the URLs of a marketing campaign, website owners can see which campaigns are driving the most traffic and conversions and make data-driven decisions on how to optimize their marketing efforts.

UTM codes are created by adding specific parameters to the end of a URL. 

Five main parameters of a UTM code are:

  • utm_source: Identifies the source of the traffic, such as Google or Facebook.
  • utm_medium: Identifies the medium of the traffic, such as organic or paid.
  • utm_campaign: Identifies the specific campaign, such as spring_sale or newsletter.
  • utm_term: Identifies the search terms used.
  • utm_content: Identifies the specific content, such as a banner or a specific link.

UTM codes are a powerful tool for tracking the performance of different marketing campaigns and can be used to understand which campaigns drive the most traffic and conversions. They can also be used to track and compare the performance of different channels and sources and help to optimize the ROI of the marketing budget.

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