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WordPress Private Page

February 16, 2023

A private page in WordPress is a page that is not visible to the public and can only be accessed by certain users or groups of users. It is typically used to restrict access to sensitive or confidential information, such as login pages, client portals, or internal documents.

Ways to create a private page in WordPress:

Using the built-in password protection feature: This allows users to set a password for a page or post, which users must enter before accessing the content.

Using a plugin: Several plugins allow users to restrict access to pages and posts based on user roles or membership levels.

Using custom code: Developers can use custom code to create custom access controls for pages and posts.

When a private page is created in WordPress, it will not be visible to the public and will not be included in search results or the page navigation. Users who are not logged in or do not have the correct permissions will be redirected to the login page or an error page when they try to access the page.

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