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WordPress Widgets

February 16, 2023

WordPress’s widget is a small block of content or functionality that can be added to a website’s sidebar or other widget-ready areas. Widgets can display various information, such as recent posts, categories, search boxes, and social media links. They are a way to add dynamic content to a website without editing its code.

WordPress comes with a set of built-in widgets, such as “Text,” “Recent Posts,” “Categories,” “Search,” and “Archives.” Users can also install additional widgets through the use of plugins.

Widgets can be added, removed, and rearranged via the Appearance > Widgets section of the WordPress admin panel. This allows users to customize the layout and functionality of their website without having to edit any code.

When a widget is added to a sidebar, it can be configured with various settings, such as the title, number of items to display, and other options specific to the widget.

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