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De-indexed in SEO

January 28, 2023

De-indexed refers to the process of removing a webpage or a website from a search engine’s index. When a webpage or a website is de-indexed, it will no longer appear in search results when users search for relevant keywords or phrases.

A page or a website may be de-indexed for several reasons:

  • The page or the website is no longer available and returns a 404 error or redirects to another page.
  • The website owner has blocked the page or website using the robots.txt file or a meta tag.
  • The search engine has flagged the page or the website as having low-quality, duplicate, or spammy content.
  • The search engine penalizes the page or the website for violating its guidelines.

De-indexing can significantly impact the visibility and traffic of a website, so it’s important for website owners and webmasters to ensure that their website complies with search engine guidelines and to take steps to resolve any issues that might lead to de-indexing.

To check if a website or a webpage is de-indexed, webmasters can use the Google Search Console, and it allows webmasters to check the status of their website and to submit a request for a webpage to be re-indexed if it has been removed from the search engine’s index.

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