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Lazy Loading

February 21, 2023

Lazy loading is a technique used in software development to delay loading certain resources or data until they are actually needed. This technique is commonly used to improve the performance of web pages, web applications, and mobile apps.

In web development, when a user visits a web page, the browser loads all the resources, such as images, videos, and other elements required to display the page. This can take a long time and result in a slow page load time, especially if the page contains many resources. Lazy loading can be used only to load the resources currently needed by the user and delay loading other resources until they are needed. Lazy loading can significantly improve the page load time and user experience.

In mobile apps, Lazy loading is used to delay loading certain parts of the app until they are needed instead of loading all the data or resources at once when the app starts. This technique can be used to improve the app’s performance and reduce the amount of memory used by the app.

There are different ways to implement lazy loading, such as using JavaScript, loading images on demand, using IntersectionObserver API, etc. The best approach will depend on the specific requirements and the type of application or website.

Also, See: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

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