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Search Intent in SEO

January 24, 2023

Search intent refers to the purpose or goal behind a user’s search query. Understanding it is essential for creating relevant and helpful content and improving a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). There are different types of search intent, including:

Informational intent: Users seek information or knowledge on a specific topic. They might be researching, learning, or simply curious about something.

Navigational intent: Users are looking for a specific website or webpage. They might already know the name of the website or webpage and want to go directly to it.

Transactional intent: Users are looking to perform an action such as making a purchase, booking a reservation, or signing up for a service.

Commercial Investigation intent: Users seek information to help them purchase. They may be comparing products, prices, or brands.

Understanding the search intent behind a user’s query can help website owners and webmasters create content that is more likely to rank well in search results and more likely to be valuable and relevant to users. Additionally, it can help create more effective PPC campaigns and improve the website’s user experience.

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