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Suggested Bid Range

February 26, 2023

Suggested Bid Range is a feature in Facebook advertising that provides advertisers with a range of suggested bids for their ad campaigns. This range is based on the current performance and competition of the ad auction and is updated in real-time. The Suggested Bid Range helps advertisers determine the optimal bid amount for their ad campaigns, considering factors such as the target audience, ad placements, and budget constraints.

When setting up a Facebook ad campaign, the advertiser is asked to specify a target cost per action, such as a click or a conversion. Based on this target cost, Facebook’s bidding algorithms calculate a Suggested Bid Range that considers factors such as the relevance of the ad to the target audience, the competition for ad space, and the advertiser’s budget constraints.

Advertisers can use the Suggested Bid Range to make informed decisions about the optimal bid amount for their ad campaigns. However, it is important to remember that the Suggested Bid Range is just a starting point and that other factors, such as ad relevance, ad placement, and target audience, can also impact the actual cost of an ad campaign.

Suggested Bid Range is a useful tool for advertisers new to Facebook advertising or looking to optimize their ad campaigns. By using the Suggested Bid Range, advertisers can better understand the competitive landscape and make more informed decisions about their ad spend.

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